Bushel & Bee is a new taproom and cider house in the beautiful town of Leavenworth, Washington. In case you don’t know much about Leavenworth– This town is set with the backdrop of the steep mid cascades and is a completely bavarian themed town. They are pretty famous for their Octoberfest and Christmas lights each year. There are lots of places to get a drink in leavenworth but nobody was really focusing on ciders. Bushel & Bee wanted to fill this void, appealing to the booming tourism industry while also being a refuge for the locals. The branding work that I created is reminiscent of bavarian architecture and features an apple and a bee to reflect the name.  
Process Work
I explored a lot of sketch directions after a few thorough discovery meetings. Here are a few samples of that below. They ended up choosing the first one on the left.
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