Cascade Kiteboarding is the classic kiteboarding school here in Hood River, Oregon where I work from. I had never done a van wrap before but knew it would be a fun project. They wanted something funky and fun. Something that turns heads, is loud, and eye catching. They had a few goals– To grab attention, increase increase bookings of course, and most-importantly to promote not only their main operations in the Gorge and their winter options in varied warm, tropical settings. We wanted to create a design that in the summer would appeal to the people wanted to kite with the backdrop of Mount Hood and in the cold, dark, wet, PNW winter months, would create allure to go somewhere warm to learn a new sport. With two completely different sides of the van, seamlessly joined in the middle, they are able to park it facing whichever audience they need to appeal to at any given time. It has now become a staple of the Hood River water front and was such a pleasure to work on.
We started the process by exploring varied visual directions in the form of mood boards and rough sketches. After honing in on the concept of having two completely different illustrated sides, I produced a rough rendering and some sketches to establish general content, hierarchy, color, and composition. Here are a few pieces of that process below...
And as always, the last step in my process... happy client. 
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