Rebrand & Expanded
Brand System
Immersion Research is a brand that every whitewater kayaker knows. If you've ever watched a whitewater kayaking video(especially from a GoPro), you will probably see the IR brand front-and-center on the skirt of the kayaker.
I've been kayaking whitewater for the last 7 years, so when IR approached me for this project I was incredibly excited. I was also nervous as hell– IR is a company that represents kayaking to the core, and the people in this community care deeply about the brand. I knew there would be a LOT of opinions and backlash to almost anything we changed. After lots of discovery work we knew we wanted something that better reflected the quality of the product, considered the various physical applications that it would be used on, but didn't fully forfeit the brand recognition that IR has built over the years.
The Team:
Art Direction & Design: Dan Cox
Client Contact and Feedback: Jack Brochelle
Stakeholders and Feedback: Kara and John Weld
Best Friend Feedback: Zack Davenport
We then created a set of labeling graphics for easy
application across a variety of product. 
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