In March I was hired by Mandala Agency to collaborate with a former Art Director at Weiden + Kennedy on a new campaign concept and art direction for Hi-Tec's upcoming national release of their most popular boot, the Altitude V. Hi-Tec was unhappy with the work another agency had completed for them and gave us a one-week shot to propose something better.

I took a lead in this project, coming up with the original concept, art direction, and quickly produced the following renderings to act as a base for the art direction. Hi-Tec was thrilled and even proposed the concepts to be used for the global release of the boot.

This was a fun one. Ask me about it…

Creative Direction: Paul Grinion
Within the hangtags we gave the route for how one would summit Mount Rainier section by section. This was meant to be seen as a direct challenge to the user and a bold statement that this boot is meant for the toughest terrain out there. Within the route section descriptions we elaborate on the features of the boots that will be useful for each section. 
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