Mosko Moto Brand Development
Mosko Moto is a new adventure moto company. When Mosko came to me they had an amazing product, a logo, and a small product pamphlet. They didn’t want to look like every other moto company with perfectly clean bikes, and clearly staged photography.
They wanted to appeal to the backpackers, the travelers, the people who want to travel across Ghana on an old beatdown bike. The people more concerned with the journey than the bike. With a modest budget and clear vision we started the process.  
Catelog: Meet Mosko
This catalog was included as an insert in 17,000 Adventure moto magazines that were sent throughout the United States. Immediately after this promotion, sales and page traffic on the Mosko Moto website spiked a great deal, giving them huge exposure to the rider community. 
Magazine Ads
Here is a small selection of the many full page ads that I produced for Mosko. Our initial introduction of Mosko’s main product line was to ADV Moto Magazine readers. Now we are shifting to using lifestyle, brand-centric ad spaces.
As an exclusively direct-to ecommerce company, I pushed hard for Mosko to begin digital advertising. This is a sample of the first ad campaigns we released. Because it was a new company, we wanted to do some ads that promoted the brand, while others focused on the actual products. The ads offer a great ROI, so we continue to evaluate them and push them out.
Basalisk Jacket Label and Promo Illustrations
These apparel patches go inside of the Mosko Basilisk Jacket, their soon-to-be-released flagship riding-apparel piece. The goal was to create something that would feel rugged, represent the PNW, and also push the basilisk symbol beyond the logo mark. We took the art direction from these patches to make some pretty sweet stickers and shirts, too.
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