I had to pinch myself when Destination by Design approached me to work on a the Northern Peaks Trail– a long distance backpacking trail connecting my hometown of Boone, NC to a neighboring community, West Jefferson, NC. As an avid backpacker and very proud Appalachia and Boone native, I couldn’t be more excited to be involved. The trail had a few goals– to create tourism, connect the two communities, and preserve the beautiful chain of mountains along its path. We wanted a logo mark that would be simple enough for a hiker to scratch it on a tree or in the dirt. Something that looks strong and outdoorsy but also was representative of the mountains in this region. Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing project.

Project Management: Matt Powell
Art Direction: Matt Powell
Videography & Photography: Matt Powell
Video: sdklfjdskl
Renderings: Alex Gotherman
Below are examples of how Destination by Design has rendered the branding into their trail plans and web experiences. Seeing the brand come to life through this project was extremely rewarding, I look forward to getting to hike the trail and see how the brand integrates across every facet.
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