The Skamania Lodge Adventures project was a brand revamp that included creating a new brand strategy, visual identity, new logo systems, website, and mascot that would tie it all together. 
When we started, the lodge had a zipline park, Zip Skamania, and they were adding a new Aerial Park. The wanted to create a brand that gave each attraction its own strong identity--but the identities were clearly related to each other and to a larger, overarching brand. 
To that end, we created a new name -- Skamania Lodge Adventures -- for the park, and created badges for each of the offerings within the park. In the primary logo, we leveraged aspects of the iconic Skamania Lodge logo to better tie in with the lodge. 
In the sections below we’ll talk about how we did what we did. 
New Website
After finalizing the brand, we began working on a beautiful, responsive web presence powered by an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that enabled the client to quickly and easily make changes to the site. 
Users who land on the site are prompted to "Choose Your Adventure” and can chose between the Zipline Tours or the Aerial Park. After making a selection, the site "zips" down the page to the info they need to learn about the offering and easily make a reservation. We went with a simple, single-page layout that utilizes anchor links to get users to the info they need without having to navigate multiple pages of a site. I did all strategy, wireframes, design, and copywriting. Caleb Stauss completed all development.
Here is a link

Web Development: Caleb Stauss
After completing the website work, we transitioned into the part of the project we had all been waiting for – Doug Furr! 
Doug is the Skamania Lodge Adventure's mascot. The client wanted something that would appeal to kids, adults and Pacific NorthWesterners alike. The client himself is quite the character – a large guy, with a LOVE tattoo across his knuckles, and a constantly varying hair style. I proposed that we base Doug off of the owner, Shayne. We all immediately knew that would work perfectly. 
We are working to create a larger-than-life cutout of Doug at the entrance of the park. If guests can pound his fist (aka LOVE tap) then they are tall enough to enter the Zipline Tour. If they can SLAP (Skamania Lodge Aerial Park) his hand then they can enter the Aerial Park. The client was delighted with the final product and already has kids calling him Doug Furr when they see him walking around.
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