Time & Oak had a problem:  They had an amazing product, but it required a bit of educating to explain to consumers. They also had a logo that wasn't helping their cause.
The Product
The product is a piece of charred english oak wood that is designed to barrel age liquor at a rapid rate. When people think of a stick that speeds up time they would often be skeptical and assume it is laced in some time-warping chemicals. After an intensive discovery process we honed in on the two quickest selling points that caught people’s attention and began to changed their perspective:

1)  Its not a stick... its a piece of english oak that is treated in the same way an oak barrel meant for aging whiskey is treated.
2) They are completely natural.
Since the goal of the product is to barrel-age we decided to leverage a barrel in the icon. We then changed their logo tagline from "Whiskey Elements" which was a bit limiting(it can be used with all liquors) to "Natural Elements". They wanted to feel masculine, strong, classic, but also somewhat modern. We got them there.
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